Activists Against Apathy was the name of the coalition of organizations and individuals that formed at Tent City encampments in the Free Speech Area sponsored by the Progressive Student Union.

The Tent City event was held by the PSU to promote voting and education about the issues.

Participating student organizations included the Chico Women's Center, General Union of Palestinian Students, MeCha, the Legislative Affairs Council, the CSUC Democrats, the Chico Cannabis Coalition and others.

The first Activists Against Apathy event occurred over the course of the week prior to the November elections in 1995. The theme was "Education or Incarceration?" Students constructed a "Prison" on one side of the FSA and a school on the other. The point was to promoted Measure A, a school bond. It was estimated that the activists helped to generate a student turnout of about 1100 voters. This was approximately 700 more than voted in the previous election. It was also estimated that 98% of CSU Chico students who voted, voted in favor of it. However, the bond measure, requiring at the time a two-thirds approval, still lost by 3% of the vote.

The second Activists Against Apathy event was staged in two parts. One encampment for the week leading up to the deadline to register, and a second encampment for the week leading up to the election October 30- November 5 (Election Day), 1996. The event included information about all of the initiatives on the ballot with Proposition 209 and Proposition 215 being the biggest issues.

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