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969 East Avenue
in Fairview Center
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(530) 893-2767
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Arsenio's was a fast food Mexican restaurant in North Chico. It was located in the former East Avenue location of Taco Bell in the Fairview Center across from Burger King. The building still has the striking resemblance to the Taco Bell that preceded it. They had dine-in, takeout and drive-through options. There is a new Mexican restaurant in this location. The restaurant had a number of bad health inspections and was thus bought out. Though many things are similar at the new restaurant, there are some significant differences in prices and menu options.

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2009-05-17 15:11:28   I heard they changed their name, though I dont remember now what to. —JohnNash

2009-07-19 16:04:36   I think it is now named Amberto's? Also I think they took over what was previously Taco Bell at 450 Broadway Street. I wish I could remember the name; can't find any legal notices pertaining to it. —RyanMikulovsky

  • Adanberto's? That sounds right to me, and it gets a hit on the Health Department's website. —StaceyEllis
  • Yes that is the right name. —JohnNash