The Arts Commission is a commission of the City of Chico, appointed by the City Council.

The Arts Commission advises Council on proposed funding for various community arts organizations and community art projects; assists in the site selection of community art projects; reviews and makes recommendations on the technical and aesthetic aspects of proposed community artwork; organizes competitions for artistic works in public places; implements the goals, objectives and policies of the Arts Master Plan adopted by the City Council; and performs such other duties pertaining to art as the Council from time to time may require. (CMC 2.62.020)

The Arts Commission consists of seven members, three of whom shall be individuals who work or are involved in the arts. (CMC Sec. 2.62.030) In addition to the regular members, a current member of the Architectural Review Board shall act as liaison to the Commission and attend meetings to discuss matters of mutual interest to the Board and Commission, but shall not vote. (CMC Sec. 2.62.035)

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