The Associated Students Bylaws is the document that delineates the relationship of the students to their student government organization, Associated Students, Chico. The Bylaws serve as a constitution, setting forth protections and recognition of the rights of students as members. It also serves the purpose of complying with what the Secretary of State's Office says is required of a 501(c)(3) corporation.

The Associated Students Bylaws may be amended by the AS Board of Directors directly; by a vote of the students whose ballot question is approved by the AS Board of Directors; or by the approval of the students of a ballot initiative which has been determined to be in compliance with applicable laws by the AS Board of Directors.

The AS Bylaws do provide for Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

The form of the Associated Students Bylaws is the result of a political double cross perpetrated by the university on the students. University president Robin Wilson threatened the AS with taking over the student owned businesses if they did not pass constitutional reforms that diluted the student power to govern the organization. The student government passed the reforms, and the university attempted to take over the businesses anyway. The conflict was ended by state legislation forbidding the university from taking over the businesses.

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2012-06-11 11:45:20   Robin Wilson basically succeeded because the students caved in. Before this the businesses were run at a break even basis. After Robin they have to generate a profit. Most of this profit goes to the University. Compare this to 1971 when all the profits from the dorm dinning halls was rebated back to the meal ticket holders. The motto of the A.S. was Students Serving Students.Now it might be said that the A.S. exists to serve the President of the University. —