Baseball is our national pastime, so why wouldn't Chico have tons of places to play a game? If baseball is your game, Chico has a place for you to play and watch.

The Chico Outlaws have been playing every summer at Nettleton Stadium when they replaced our former hometown team the Chico Heat. A great place for a summer evening activity, place to take a date or family outing.

Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) maintains baseball and softball fields at many of their parks, including Hooker Oak Park and Martin Luther King Park. You can join a league during their regular season and make use of the many fields in town. When they are not in official CARD use, they are publicly available for your practice or a pick-up game with your friends. During off hours, the many of the local schools also have fields that can be used for practice, although they are designed for school children, so they may be a little small for the more grown-up sized players.

CARD is not the only arbiter of baseball in this town, as there are three Little League organizations in town for kids from t-ball up to senior league.

For more information about signing up for a CARD league team or CARD's facilities, please see their website.