Trash on the beach. Photo used with permission.

Just up stream of Scotty's Landing on the east side of the Sacramento River
2 Acres
Sand and Gravel deposits. Waterfront portion of the island is gravel.
Major warm weather holidays offer ample socializing opportunities.
most weekends there is good people watching. On quiet days there is also wildlife to be seen

Beer Can Beach likely received its colloquial name due to the litter present on the island. Some weekends the beach twinkles with empties in the sun, other weekends there are hardly any. Thank you to who ever is picking up.

Beer Can Beach is actually an island, to land on it it is recommended that you paddle to what appears to be the east side of the island from the river but is actually the head of the island. Then walk to your desired portion of the island. It is possible to land on either of the sides however this is a bit trickier as the west bank adjacent to the main channel as fairly swift flat water and the east bank has a ledge slime and bushes on the majority of the bank. This description is accurate as of August 2009, as a feature of the river channel the island may change as may the channel configurations around the island. The island can be over topped in high flows, if the river begins to raise while you are in it, forgo stopping and head to the nearest take out.

Wearing foot protection while on the island is recommended due to the presence of human waste, broken glass and dog doo. This is not to say that the island is a mine field: visitors just need to be observant of where they are putting their picnic blanket or sitting.

Please contribute to the sustainability of this island and take your trash with you and if you have the room take a few extra pieces with you.

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