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Bidwell Building before 2009 fire

100 Broadway
First and Broadway
Tres Hombres
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Property Owner
Ryan Corker
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The Bidwell Building, located at the southwest corner of First and Broadway, is one of the oldest buildings in Chico, however only the brick walls are left from the original structure. In the 1860s it was a general store owned by John Bidwell. He also had his ranch office there, and the second story was a community meeting hall. It is currently occupied by Tres Hombres.

The style of the original building (pictured below) is similar to that of the original Collier Hardware building, and many of the original buildings in Old Sacramento.

2009 Fire

The building was severely damaged by fire on December 1, 2009. According to the Chico ER, the fire may have begun in the kitchen of Tres Hombres and then quickly migrated into Mr Pickle's Sandwich Shop. Smoke was first spotted by an on-duty police officer around 2:30am. First estimates are calling the sandwich shop a total loss at $600,000. The entire loss, including Tres Hombres, was initially set at $1 million 1

Crew working on the burned Bidwell Building, 2010

Historic Photos

Bidwell Building visible in Birdseye View of Chico 1871 Bidwell Building (MLSC) Bidwell’s office, second floor, Bidwell Building ca 1895 (MLSC) Bidwell's office (MLSC)


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