Also see Upper Bidwell Park for a map over-viewing most swimming holes and parking areas.

A view of Brown's Hole Brown's Hole is a swimming hole in the upper reaches of Upper Bidwell Park. It is the last officially known swimming hole and is easily accessed as the terrain isn't as steep. However, swimmers beware: clothing may be optional. The closest parking is area S and Brown's Hole is East North East (ENE) of the lot. The main trail down to the hole is located at the north east corner of the lot, its a bit treacherous, sturdy shoes/sandals are recommended (flip flops aren't advised), there is considerable poison oak very close to the trail. There is a secondary trail heading South East on the East side of the lot, but it is inundated with poison Oak. The "Main Hole" is directly at the bottom of the main trail out of the parking lot, its formed by a low rock dam created by swimmers and has a small sandy/pebbly area to get in the water. There are rocks to the North of the main hole suitable for those who wish to jump. There is another deep-ish pool to the south of the dam that forms the lower section of the hole while the upper limits of the hole is a narrow waterfall.

The dam at Brown's Hole Looking down through some cool rocks at the water below

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