The evolution of one of Chico's hottest flashes in the pan.

It seems like one minute Bungo was everywhere, then the next they vanished. 

For a year after the five-part musical experiment played their first show at Naked Lounge you could count on Bungo to provide a memorable experience at every show. At Maltese, they wore dresses. At Argus, suits. The music was good and the Bungo men were HOT

Chico's experimental classic "glory" rock hotties came back with an industrial rock experiment that was equally good as it is bad. Bungo MACHINE features five Chico musicians who all play in other bands. Lead singer Chris Tavolazzi has been seen singing with Lo & Behold. Guitarist Matt Leyrat played and toured with Mad Tantra. Drummer Manuel Lopes plays with Sunny Acres. Guitarist Kevin Spindler and bassist Aziah McConnell play in The Rise and Fall, Shades of Glam, and McConnell plays in The Ascenders as well.