The original Burger Hut on Nord Burger Hut on Forest

Locations Phone
933 Nord Avenue - Original Location (530) 891-1418
2451 Forest Avenue (530) 891-1430
3211 Cohasset Road (530) 342-4555
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm
Sunday 11am-9pm
Jim and Priscilla Williams
Payment Method
Cash and Charge

The beauty of getting a burger at Burger Hut is that you can have it exactly as you like it. Your order comes with your burger (regular beef w/ light BBQ sauce, veggie or turkey); you take it to the toppings bar full of fresh veggies and condiments such as specialty hot sauces and Sierra Nevada Porter Mustard to make it exactly how you want. They have a burger for any appetite, from the single patty at a quarter pound up to the "Big Guy Pounder" with FOUR quarter pound beef patties, each topped with cheese. In addition to burgers, they offer chicken sandwiches, fish burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, fish and chips, and grilled cheese. Burger Hut offers various flavors of shakes which can be optionally malted for a small charge.

If you plan to order fries with your meal (and why wouldn't you?) be aware that the servings are HUGE! A "small" is enough to serve at least two people, and a "large" is enough to feed a small army. They also offer other sides such as onion rings and chili fries.

The original Nord location has been a Chico favorite for years. The Nord location has a small but comfortable patio in the back. A second restaurant was added in the early 2000s on Forest Avenue, much to the joy of South Chico residents. Recently, a North Chico location was added on Cohasset Road. Additionally, there is a Burger Hut in nearby Yuba City.


2008-08-12 19:25:36   Outstanding! One thing that my wife and I miss about Chico is the local food. Chico has had some good burgers (eg the Bear-burger, Grad-burger, and the long-gone Flumeberger), but The Burger Hut burger is still the best I've ever tasted anywhere. —

2008-08-26 21:12:58   We had so-so burger and fries at the Nord location, and very good burgers and fries at the one on Cohasset. —StellaChiara

2009-05-21 10:01:55   Attended CSUC back in 85 ~ 87 for my master's degree. This is the only restaurant that I can remember. —

2010-07-18 00:12:10   We missed Burger Hut so much when we were in New Zealand for a year! I wouldn't go to the one on Nord again, but the Cohasset location is a favorite. —ChiaraBrown

2011-02-01 14:09:30   great place! and its close to my work! —