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Butte Community College, locally known as simply Butte College is a community college whose main campus is located basically right in the center of the county in between Chico, Paradise and Oroville, on Durham-Pentz Road. The nationally accredited college offers AA and AS degrees along with a wide variety of career programs from automotive to welding. The college is a national leader in sustainability with the largest bus transportation system for any college and is one of the largest users of solar arrays. The college is an important source of transfer students seeking a 4-year degree at the University of California and California State University systems. The college also has a number of 2-year Associate degrees, certifications, and technical programs, including police and fire academies. Additionally, Butte College offers a number of classes for life-long learners and entrepreneurs. All of this is supported by Butte College's departments.

In addition to the main campus there are:

Put simply, the Butte Community College mission is to:

"...create a student-centered, community-based learning environment which empowers students to become productive, literate, and responsible members of a diverse society" 1



Butte Community College offers many 2-year degrees and career programs to help gain entry into the skilled labor force or for transfer to a 4-year institution.



928 acres. Nestled within the Buttes of the Cascadia province. Clear Creek runs through the campus, which forks into two, and then rejoins just as it leaves campus property.


According to Butte College's Public Relations Office, on average 42% of those attending Butte College are male, resulting in a 57% female population. This is consistent with the fact that more females are attending college than males across the country. The majority of these students in Fall of 2006, at a population of 10,871, were ages 18-24 (51%), with the next highest group being 25-49 years of age at 29%.

In Fall of 2006, 3% of the student population identified as African America, 2% as native Americans, 5% were Asian, 13% Hispanic, and 66% as white. "Other" made up 11% of the student population.

51% of all students that attended the college in Fall of 2006 came from a highschool within the district that Butte College served. 37% came from outside this area. Only 61 students came from out of state in 2006.

6,948 of the college's Fall 2006 population (10,871) lived in Chico. In Spring 2009, the total student population increased to 12,359 — largely attributed to the economic downturn.


  • The college sits on a 928 acre wildlife refuge, making it the largest community college campus in California.
  • Butte College generates some of its own electricity using solar energy, supplies its own water, and has a sewage treatment plant.

Address / Directions

Butte College

3536 Butte Campus Drive

Oroville CA 95965

From Chico, take 99 south and take the off-ramp at Durham-Pentz Road. Make a left and continue driving. Butte College will be on the left.

From Oroville, take 70 north to 191/Clark Road. Drive on through the intersection of Clark Road and Durham-Pentz. Turn left at Butte Campus Drive.

From Paradise, take Clark Road/70 south. Just before reaching Durham-Pentz, make a right at Butte Campus Drive.

There are multiple parking lots around campus that'll get you nearest to your ultimate destination.

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* Christian group on campus called Christian Challenge http://www.challengecsuc.com/


1. http://www.butte.edu/mission/