Butte College Bus heading towards Oroville. Shot on campus near intersection of Durham-Penzt and Clark Rd. Butte College has the largest community college busing system in California. It's one of the most important ways for students to gain access to higher education since the college is located 20 minutes from Chico and Oroville. As fuel prices continue to increase, ridership also likely increases. Buses pick up and drop off students in Chico, Biggs, Durham, Gridley, Oroville, Paradise, and Palermo every weekday. As of Spring 2008, there are five total routes serving Chico and all of them make stops at the Chico Center — a popular destination that's sure to make many students happy.

During the Winter and Summer intersessions, bus service is minimal to the main campus from and to Chico with just two routes. In Summer of 2007, buses did not stop at the Chico Center but for 2008, they will. Considering that the bulk of classes held over the summer occur at the Chico center, this will be a welcomed change. In the past, students had to take private or public transportation.

The extensive bus system has two routes in Oroville, and one route for Paradise. On a more limited basis, there is one route for Biggs, Gridley, and Palermo. Durham is also served on a limited basis, typically with one visit in the morning and afternoon.

Butte College's bus system is generally reliable, but is fragile when a bus breaks down. Routes may merge together, delaying service. The college has several converted Compressed Natural Gas buses (distinct in that their tops are black) that have been known for having very low mileage per gallon and interesting mechanical problems. It has been said that they're disparately trying to find funding to replace the black tops. All buses have very high mileage — one particular bus just went over 200,000 miles.

Many of the bus drivers have been behind the wheel for years — some nearly two decades. They are extremely safe drivers and, best of all, they enjoy what they do! Don't be afraid to ask which bus to get on to reach a particular destination. Some love to chat!

For the latest bus schedule, see http://www.butte.edu/bus/.