There are several computer labs at Butte College. Most computers on campus have Microsoft Office 2007 (some still have Office 2003). Some computers, such as those at the library have OpenOffice installed. All computers have Firefox and Internet Explorer available. These computers "reset" at the end of the day thus it is important to never save personal files directly to any lab machine. By the next day it is as if they came fresh from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (factory)!

All labs available to the entire student population are capable of printing documents at about 10 cents a page with exception of the Center for Academic Success computer labs. For 2009 they printed at 5 cents a page. Labs reserved for specific students tend to not charge for printing.

To sum up, there are a tremendous number of computers available to students so if you lack a computer at home... take advantage of them at the college! Instructors will almost never accept the excuse "I don't have a computer at home." Another note to make is that most computers do not support Microsoft Works documents. Save your documents as RTF or DOC if you must use Works at home. Many students use BlackBoard on these systems for online coursework.

Computer Lab Locations

Available to All Students

  • Butte College Library — All computers include MS Office 2007 and OpenOffice. Main lab is on main floor and is always open to the entire student population for research. LB 206 is reserved for library related instruction though is periodically open to the student population. Accessible computers for disabled students are available.
  • Learning Resource Center — LRC 224 and LRC 143. These labs are operated by the CAS. Computers include MS Office 2007 and various mathematics education software. Special user/pass needed to access ArcGIS software. Tutoring available. Accessible computers for disabled students are available.

Some Students

  • Learning Resource Center — first floor includes several computer labs reserved for language students. Tutoring available in language labs.
  • Computer Science, Drafting, Engineering, and certain Mathematics students have access to labs in the Technology building. Software such as MAPLE is available. Not generally open to the public.
  • Physical Science Building — Lab rooms have Apple computers available but are reserved for physical science students only. Software such as Starry Night, ChemDraw, and graphing software can be found.
  • Fine Arts has a few labs reserved only for multimedia students.