Butte College has two large Solar Arrays and one currently under construction. The original solar energy collection array is on Campus Drive just north of parking lot 3. The second array, which became operational Spring 2009, is between the women's locker room and the Learning Resource Center. The new solar array is being constructed over the southern-most lot of Parking Lot 4 (4E?) between the Physical Science Building and Welding. These arrays will help offset Butte College's energy costs by a large percentage (up to 40% if I remember correctly). They will also help to prove that Butte College is a center of sustainability education in Northern California.

Wrong Angle

In the first week of April 2009, faculty and students noticed a big problem with the new solar install in Parking Lot 4. Unless the solar panels are meant to swivel on an axis and are not fixed, they are pointing in the wrong direction. That is, they are tilted towards the north sky and not the south sky! Answers may be forthcoming about this obvious problem.

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