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Butte Regional Transit

A department of the BCAG (Butte County Association of Governments, official website), the primary focus of Butte Regional Transit is the B-Line bus system, along with other issues of transportation for Butte County cities including Chico, Paradise, Oroville and Gridley.

B-Line Bus System

The B-Line bus system was consolidated from CATS (Chico's former bus system), OATS (Oroville's former bus system) and BCT (Butte County's former regional bus system) in 2005.

The B-Line has a major Transit Center at Salem and W. 2nd St. near downtown Chico. As the name implies, all local (to Chico) and regional buses can be caught here. From there buses spider out all over Chico and surrounding areas. Oroville has its own transit center at Mitchell and Spencer streets.

Maps of routes and bus stops are available at the B-Line website. Tickets may be purchased at the City of Chico Finance Office. The fares depend on where you are going. Local service is $1.40, with discount rates for seniors ($.70) and students ($1.00). Regional service is slightly more expensive at $1.80, with the senior rate of $.90 and a student rate of $1.30. Multi-ride booklets and passes are also available. Chico State staff and students can ride for free with their ID card. Additionally, Butte College students can purchase an economical 1-month local service pass for $20 at the Butte College Chico Center.

In 2007 and 2008, the B-line offered free rides during Spare the Air week. Some routes have had professionals orating the history of Chico, the geology between Chico and Oroville, and more. Spare the Air week is generally around the last week of April or the first week of May. More information can be found at their website.


B-Line Paratransit (formerly Chico Clipper) provides door-to-door transportation services available to disabled or senior riders. The service requires advance registration. One-way ride: $2.50. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Bus Stop Advertising

In late 2007 the Butte County Association of Governments determined that it'd be best for advertisers help pay for and maintain new and old bus shelters. They have been frequent targets of vandalism. The City of Chico pays approximately $42,000 a year to maintain them.1 The BCAG requested that Chico allow the new stops and transfer ownership of existing stops to them. On May 20, 2008, the council agreed to allow advertising although Steve Bertagna disqualified himself since a bus stop existed across from his business.2 The council has yet to sign over ownership of the stops.

Bicycle Resources

In addition to the B-Line bus system, Butte Regional Transit also provides bicycle resources such as bike maps of the Chico area and a list of local bicycle agencies and organizations.


2009-05-19 18:47:15   why is it impossible to get a schedule from you? —

2009-05-19 18:52:39   Anonymous, this is a community webpage and as such is not owned by Butte Regional Transit or any other organization for that matter. Their website has a number of schedules and so too their buses tend to have schedules. But again, we have nothing to do with them besides being members of the community writing about the bus. You can edit this page to remove or edit your comment, in fact. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-07-04 23:32:07   chico to oroville —

2009-07-10 21:43:00   Tickets are no longer available at the city office but only available online or by going to the Chico Transit Center —

2009-12-06 21:36:35   really need more bike racks on county buses. 3 is not enough anymore with so many commuters wanting to use bicycles to save gas. Is there a plan in the works to add more racks, say behind the buses? This would really help me get to work using the bus line! —

2009-12-11 17:02:00   It would be really helpful if there were stops along clark between Paradise and Oroville. —

2011-03-24 13:23:28   this sit suckz —

2011-06-09 22:48:31   @2009-12-06 21:36:35: The bike racks used to be on the back of the bus, and it was a nightmare from a safety viewpoint. Passengers with bikes are bad enough as it is about informing the driver that they need to remove their bike. If you put them behind the bus where the driver can't see them, you're creating a very unsafe condition. There were many instances of buses starting to pull out while someone was trying to remove their bike from the back of the bus. Also, most people putting bikes on the bus aren't commuters trying to save gas, so much as people who simply don't have cars. There's a difference. Room for three bikes is plenty, no matter what you think. —

2011-10-21 14:04:16   If you don't stop honking in front of my house, I am going to sue.This is a quiet neighborhood and I don't give a dam what disbaled person you think you are here to transport, you are ruining my life and I am also disbaled. —

  • The owners of BRT may not check this website, please call (530) 342-0221 to express your concerns to someone where they will receive it. —PeterBoulay


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