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The entrance to Caffe Ricci

Former Location
3269 Esplanade, Ste 155
Former Owner(s)
Debbie Ritchie
Business Lifespan

Comfortable gathering hall for rent at Caffe Ricci Caffe Ricci was a cafe in North Chico, on the corner of Eaton Rd. and Esplanade. They served the usual coffee drinks and pastries that one would expect to find in a local cafe such as cappuccino and variations on the mocha. Their coffee came from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company in Fort Bragg, which means they offered several varieties of organic, fair trade and/or shade-grown coffees. The drip coffee was self-serve and refills are free of charge. They offered beer/wine and champagne.

Their hours were Monday through Friday 6a.m. to 2p.m. In the mornings they offered fresh baked pastries from their own kitchen, quiche and coffee. The pastries were really like no other! You could really taste the difference when the pastries are made from scratch and a lot of love! Lunch started at 11:00 and the menu offered several different specials each day. Lunch was not available on weekends. Their lunch menu consisted of sandwiches (like paninis and hand-carved turkey breast sandwiches with their fresh baked honey wheat bread), soups made from scratch (offer a soup of the day), different special salads, and a Cobb or chicken Caesar salad offered everyday, that are within the $6-11 range. They also offered daily specials, which curious lunch seekers could find by calling the cafe to inquire. But don't miss out on that shaved prime rib sandwich served with loaded potato salad, served EVERY Wednesday! On Saturdays they were open from 7a.m.-12p.m. for fresh baked pastries from their own kitchen, quiche, breakfast sandwiches, homemade biscuits and gravy, as well as coffee.

The building that Cafe Ricci was located was built by the owners — the same one that develops Ritchie homes around Chico. Debbie Ritchie was the owner and a phenomenal cook. Having taught herself most everything she knows from age 11, she takes pride in good quality cooking. Don't mistake quantity in there as well, Caffe Ricci had nothing but good portions in their meals! Old family recipes are a significant influence on her cooking, keeping the atmosphere comforting and unique.

Large gatherings were able to rent out a nicely designed hall called the Palazzo Ricci— and catering is available. They specialized in being very flexible with their catering menu to accommodate to whatever budget, taste and style the client may have. A beautiful building, 2,000 square feet and a 95 person capacity. Perfect for any gathering!


2009-01-03 18:28:54   I met some family here a couple of weeks ago to get our of our usual routine for coffee, and was quite pleased. Among us we had three scones: berry, vanilla and pumpkin. They were quite possibly the best scones I have ever had in Chico! The location is a little out of the way, but it was very nice and I will be back. —["Users/StaceyEllis

2009-12-16 09:03:05   wednesday the shaved prime rib and loaded potato salad special is the best lunch in town!!!! —

2009-12-24 11:43:14   Where is the menu?? Was told to go online to get it. Couldn't get one at the cafe. —

  • I'm unaware of any menus being online. If you find one please let the community know on this page :-) —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-26 07:06:31   Find Caffe Ricci on Facebook... they have a menu up on there! —

2010-03-07 16:37:48   2010-03-06 We had our 50th Wedding Anniversary party catered by Debbie Ritchie and it was fabulous! The food was very tasty and nicely presented. We had braised beef short ribs and chicken marsala and both were excellent! The quaint atmosphere was a perfect setting for our special day. F & KP —

2010-03-17 07:52:21   They sure got a beautiful waitress in there!! :) —

2010-05-19 09:52:30   The best lunch in Chico! I love the turkey sandwich and all of the soups are amazing. My husband loves the meatloaf sandwich. Get yourself there it's GREAT!!! I just wish they served lunch on the weekends. It's so good. —

2010-06-11 10:59:41   One of the best places I've ever been to for lunch. The bread is amazing. The potato soup they have from time to time beats any other I've ever had. Great ambiance and friendly staff. —