The entrance to Caper Acres Crooked House at Caper Acres

Caper Acres, originally built in 1970, is a children's playground in Lower Bidwell Park near One Mile Recreation Area. The rules posted at the gate ensure that it will remain a children's playground, as they read that no one over the age of 13 is allowed to use the area unless accompanied by a child under 13. This makes it an ideal place for parents to bring their kids without worrying about who else may be lurking. The entire area is enclosed by a chain-link fence with only one entrance.

The play structures are very kid friendly, and are taken out of various children's tales. There is a wall with Humpty Dumpty, a crooked house, a giant piece of Swiss cheese where kids can crawl through the holes, and more. Most kids who grew up in Chico will most likely remember this being the coolest place to play, and most who come to Chico later in life wish they'd had something like this place as a kid.

Also see Bidwell Park or Parks.


2010-07-26 13:25:25   Best playground ever. —

2012-03-08 22:12:16   This truley is a great place for young and the young at heart to engage there imaginations with fun and adventure. —