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Former Location
2490 Fair Street (currently Casa Ramos)
and in Chico Mall
Former Owners
Juan de la Torre
Business Lifespan

Casa Lupe was a Mexican restaurant located in South Chico and other cities around the area such as Hamilton City, Gridley and Yuba City. There are still three locations still in operation, Gridley, Yuba City and Williams. In addition, the Gridley location is adjacent to a Casa Lupe Market.

In addition to the main location on Fair Street (now Casa Ramos), they had a small shop in the Chico Mall's food court. Food was brought in daily from the main restaurant, and reheated for the shoppers and mall employees throughout the day. When the main restaurant closed, the mall location took on a new name and presumably new ownership.

Casa Lupe branded salsa is produced for sale local supermarkets. It can be found at a variety of places such as the Save Mart on East Avenue.

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2009-05-17 16:13:11   I have never been to the restaurant but I like their Hot Chunky Salsa (bought at Save Mart on East Ave). It is quite chunky and consists of tomato, celery, and onions. For me, this was a mild salsa, but good nonetheless. —RyanMikulovsky

2011-03-21 10:22:35   This was the location of the dinner house called The Sundown. Later the Cattleman's, then Casa Lupe. For many years when it was The Sundown Club, the owner had many dogs tied up in back and dogs would bark all the time as traffic went by. When it became the Cattleman's, they hired several bands to come in and play. One I remember was Anita and Darrel Allen from Willows. Great country western music. Darrel has since passed away and is buried in Willows. Anita remarried and is living in Willows. —