Celestino's Pasta and Pizza on East Ave

1354 East Ave
In the Safeway Shopping Center
Please fill in hours
(530) 345-7700
Names of owners/proprietors here
Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
Payment Method
Mastercard and Visa and Cash

Celestino's Pasta & Pizza is a restaurant located near Safeway on East Avenue. They are very similar in price and style to their sister store near Chico State (Celestino's Live From New York).

Be aware that the schools across from the street flood this shopping center on lunch, making it virtually impossible to get a spot to sit here, but during certain hours, they do offer specials on pizza.

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2009-05-18 16:46:37   I've heard at least one complaint from someone working at this location that once in a while they get calls for pizza deliver to west or south Chico. Yeah, I can see why that isn't cool with their having a downtown location! —RyanMikulovsky