Chapmantown, or Chapman among localswas originally called Chapman's Addition, Kenyan Oaks, and also Chapmanville. It is a working class residential neighborhood entirely surrounded by area inside the city of Chico, but which itself is not a part of the city. Rather, it is under the jurisdiction of the County of Butte. Chapmantown is currently known as the area bounded by Humboldt Avenue, Boucher Street, Guill Street and East Sixteenth Street. The neighborhood south of East Twentieth Street to the east of Fair Street is also referred to as Chapmantown. Historically, Chapmantown referred to everything east of Mulberry Street, but that is no longer the case.

Although it is true at one time that Chapmantown residents had no access to city services due being outside the city limits, that has slowly been changing over time. Most Chapmantown residents and new homes are now on city water, although older homes may still use septic systems. Although there are no sidewalks, there are also none of the regulations associated with the municipality either (prohibition on chicken coops, burn permits, etc.). There are plans in the near future for the City of Chico to annex Chapmantown with some opposition from Chapman residents.

The neighborhood is home to the Dorothy F. Johnson Neighborhood Center, a facility of the Chico Area Recreation District; Chapman Elementary School; several churches; and two neighborhood markets. The neighborhood is also just a few blocks from Chico's major shopping area. Chapmantown has no representation on the Chico City Council. All government representation for residents is through the Butte County Board of Supervisors. The neighborhood is named after Augustus Chapman.




2011-04-12 19:46:18   Lowest crime rates in the city? I thought we just said it wasn't a part of the city...? No wonder they are low! —