The CARD Community Center

545 Vallombrosa Avenue
Office and Community Center

The Chico Area Recreation and Park District (also known simply by the acronym CARD) is the elected body that oversees the recreation district including many parks and recreational programs in Chico. Many of the parks in town are maintained by CARD (including Martin Luther King Park and Hooker Oak Park). They are also responsible for running many of the amateur sports opportunities for the athletic types in Chico. They have a wide array of opportunities for sports for youth, adults, and seniors. In addition, there are other activities for all ages, including computer classes, dancing lessons, and self-defense classes. There are also various trips undertaken by CARD, both locally and to further away destinations.

CARD is also responsible for the public pools, which makes them quite popular during the heat of the summer. The public pools in Chico are Shapiro Pool located at Chico Junior High School and Pleasant Valley Pool located at Bidwell Junior High School. In addition to allowing a place for Chicoans to cool off with a swim, CARD offers swimming lessons at the PV Pool location.

They have community centers that can be rented for events. CARD also organizes many community events, such as Chico Kite Day and more.

As of 2017, CARD's pension deficit obligation was $1,758,200, for less than 33 employees. Until 2016 employees did not pay anything toward pensions of 70 percent, available at age 55.  In 2016 the board voted to ask employees to pay 6.25 percent of their pensions, except for "classic members," who only pay 2 percent. The current director makes over $100,000 in salary and has a $27,000 pension/benefits package,  toward which she pays only 2 percent of the cost. 

The Calvin H. Layland bench is on the lawn in front of the building.