2201 Pillsbury Road Suite C-1
in the Almond Orchard Shopping Center
Payment Method
Cash and Charge (with fee)

The Chico Cabaret is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group of local actors, directors, technicians and other volunteers who work together to provide Chico with live theater entertainment.With a variety of original productions to the standard expected fare (such as "Rocky Horror" and "Jesus Christ Superstar"), they offer something for most anyone's tastes. Be aware, although they do have family friendly shows, many of their productions come with a warning that they are for "mature audiences" only. Phil Ruttenburg is the Cabaret's artistic director and they have 54 members as of February, 2008. The company is a member of The Alliance of Chico-area Theatres.

The Cabaret has a bar with a variety of drinks that is open before the show and during intermission. There is also a snack concession. Proceeds, of course, go straight to the Cabaret. Another way to support the theater is to take part in their raffles — you just might win something nice, such as a cash prize!

Tickets for their shows are available at the door the night of the performance, or in advance next door at The Creative Apple store. Be aware that the credit card fee applies even if you purchase the tickets in advance at Creative Apple, as ticket purchases are considered separate from regular store purchases and are controlled by the Cabaret. Also, you should always arrive at the Cabaret on-time, since they do reserve the right to resell your tickets by the time the show begins.

For more information about upcoming performances, information on auditioning, or how you can help them further the theater scene in Chico through membership, please see the Chico Cabaret's website.


2008-02-23 11:10:35   I've seen a couple of shows at the Chico Cabaret (Holiday Burlesque, The Full Monty... Hmm, does that say something about my character?) and it's always been fantastic! The acting and music are always entertaining, and the people who work there have always been very nice. I'll definitely be back for the Rocky Horror Show, if not sooner. —StaceyEllis