Chico Christian School was a small private pre-K through 6th (and later 8th) grade elementary school affiliated with Neighborhood Church of Chico. The school was located on the church's grounds on the south side of Chico at the southernmost end of Notre Dame Blvd.

Founded in 1971 after Neighborhood Church purchased 37 acres of land where it is currently located, several buildings were built to accommodate the school. The pre-school functioned separately from the elementary school with it's own administration and faculty, and is the only surviving  part of the school as of 2024. The K-6 school averaged approximately 15-20 students per class, in some cases either two classes per grade were required or a combination class of two different grades was offered when there weren't  enough students to fill two full classes of a single grade.

While the school was underneath and within the Neighborhood Church organization it received much autonomy with it's own governing board, it's own budget, and administrative personnel. The school shared access to all buildings on the Church grounds with the Church, who would often use the school's classrooms for Sunday School, youth groups, etc on  Sundays. Likewise, the school would often host their weekly chapel services in the Neighborhood Church's dome.

Beginning in the early 2000s the school implemented the use of school uniforms which had not been used in the first 2-3 decades of the school's history. This received mixed reactions from parents who nevertheless went along with the new rule. The uniforms, like most private schools with uniforms, featured navy blue pants or skirts with white polo tops.

Through most of the 1990s Dr. Robert Pooley was principal, retiring in 1999 and succeeded by Bev Landers who was a former teacher at the school. Landers would run the school for the next 15 years until she retired in 2015. Two years later in 2017 it was announced the school would close after 46 years of operation, though the preschool continues today.

Prior to its closure the school had several new buildings built on the campus including a new gymnasium that was gifted by Chico native and former Neighborhood Church member Aaron Rodgers. Not wanting the new facilities to go to waste an effort was made to open a new and independent Christian school. While this did not succeed the buildings were eventually leased by Core Butte Charter School which is a hybridized home school organization that offers credentialed teachers who backup and supplement parents who are homeschooling their children. This includes the use of classroom facilities and gym facilities so home schooled children can have access to coursework and physical activity they might not otherwise have in traditional home school settings.

School Athletics and Mascot

The school's mascot was the Lion Cub, and while there were no official sports teams a school basketball team was occasionally rostered via CARD to compete against other Chico area schools in the 4th-6th grade age groups.

During the 1990s a white cat made its home on the school campus and was looked after by students and faculty with it's own food and water bowls near the school office. The cat was named "CCS" (the acronym for Chico Christian School) and was considered the unofficial mascot of the school.


Despite its small size, by the mid-late 1990s the school had approximately 14 classrooms for pre-school and kindergarten through 6th grade. The school also used the church's choir room for its music classes, and it had a small but well-stocked library, a computer lab, and even a student store run by 5th and 6th grade students who were members of student government.