Turn of century, Chico Hotel at the Junction

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Former Locations
West Third Street and Broadway
East Second Street and Wall
West Ninth Street and Main
Former Owners
Ira Weatherbee
A.M. Scott
Business Lifespan
bef 1871, until 1874 at 3rd and Broadway, afterwords at 2nd and Wall

The Chico Hotel was name of several hotels in Chico in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. It had several different locations over the years, and was burned down at least twice.

Visible in an early photograph in Chico: A 20th Century Pictoral History, is the Chico Hotel located at The Junction (Ninth and Main) where the Chevron now stands.

The Chico Hotel was located in downtown at Third and Broadway up until 1874 when it burned. It was rebuilt in 1875 at Second and Wall. However, the the Chico Hotel is depicted in Birdseye view of Chico 1871 at Second and Broadway.

According to John Bidwell's papers, Japanese princes stayed at the Chico Hotel in 1871, and a fire burned the Chico Hotel in 1882.


Chico Hotel at Third and Broadway owned by Ira Weatherbee (MLSC) Chico Hotel depicted in Birdseye view of Chico 1871 at Second and Broadway Chico Hotel at the Junction (Chico: A 20th Century Pictoral History).


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