Winding up to throw a pitch during a 2008 Outlaws game

Nettleton Stadium
800 College Drive
June through September
Golden Baseball League
2005 Season

Chico was once home to the Chico Heat, a team of the Western Baseball League. That came to an end in 2002, and Chico longed for a new team. The Chico Outlaws answered that longing, bringing baseball back to Chico in 2005. Some of the original Heat players and staff even came back too.

The team plays at Nettleton Stadium, which they share with the CSU Chico baseball team. The stadium is divided into "reserved seating," "premium seating" and "executive seating" (getting progressively more expensive). Basically, you pay more for a seat that does not have the sun beating directly down upon it. And in the hot Chico summer, that extra expense can be worth it. There is also bleacher seating at the far side of the third base line.

The Outlaws' mascot is "Rascal" the raccoon. Get it? He's a masked outlaw. In addition to Rascal, there are employees who hang out in the stands and try to get the crowd riled between plays. Between innings, there are often games involving kids running around bases and other family-friendly fun. Participants are chosen for these events before the game and prizes are awarded by sponsors.


Season Wins Losses
2008 34 52
2007 44 32
2006 46 34
2005 49 41

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