Chicoans are people who live in Chico.

Many Native Chicoans who leave the area continue to identify themselves as Chicoans, and there is a strong tendency for these people to return, as a visit or to relocate. Whatever the case may be, he or she will always be a Chicoan. You'll often run into Chicoans vacationing in places like Fort Bragg.

Please note that in Chico we are "Chicoans", whereas people in Fresno are "Fresnans", not "Fresnoans"; people in Sacramento are "Sacramentans", not "Sacramentoans"; and even people in Reno are called "Renoites," not "Renoans." This is obviously due to the fact that Chicoans are very special.

Famous Chicoans

  • Emily Azevedo - Bobsledder in the 2010 Winter Olympics who was raised in Chico
  • Amanda Detmer - Hollywood actress who got her start in "Stolen Innocence" (which was filmed in Chico) and has since starred in several major films
  • Thomas Fleming - An African American that help found San Francisco's weekly newspaper The Reporter in 1944. Raised in Chico, he lived in San Francisco for 60 years.
  • Roxanne Ford - Also known as Roxy Ford. Roxanne is a contestant on TVLand's 2008 modeling competition, She's Got the Look.
  • Barbara Manning - Indie rock pioneer, often called the Grande Dame of indie rock. Currently plays with several local bands, including Sleaze Tax and Champion
  • Aaron Rodgers - Was tapped to be starting Quarterback for the National Football League's Packers on March 4, 2008
  • Jesus Ramirez Jauregui - A Chico Artist and Resident cince  1978 that painted "Downtown Kaleidoscope" in 2001 for the City of Chico and has exhibited trughout the world


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