Former Location
788 East Avenue
Former location of Moe's To Go
Across from the back side of Tinseltown
(530) 891-0408
2008 April 7
Physical location closed
Winter 2009
Payment Method
Cash, Visa, MC and personal checks

Currently Chocolate Mystique Cafe is closed in Chico CA, they are in the process of relocating.

Excerpt from website: "Thank you to all of our loyal customers over the past two years. We have closed our brick and mortar store here in Chico California and are in the process of relocating to another location."

Chocolate Mystique Cafe is a cafe in North Chico that offers Artisan chocolate delights such as a signature line of truffles, barks, toffees, four different kinds of fudge, and chocolate fondue creatively prepared in house. They freshly roast their own coffee per demand with espresso drinks made to order. Hot, cold or loose leaf Chico Chai is also available. Chocolate Mystique Cafe also makes specialty smoothies from real powders here! Flavors include: Carmel Apple, Chocolate Dipped, Snicker Bar, Mango, Peaches and Cream, Apple or Pumpkin Pie. They also have chocolate croissants, six different varieties of large quiches, muffins, pastries, fresh made sandwiches and salads as well as daily lunch specials along with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. You won't go hungry! Now serving craft beer and organic sulfite free wines! Now serving "free pour" Sunday Brunch!

Free Wireless Internet is available.

See Cafes.


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2009-04-07 10:56:50   The Caramel Apple Smoothie is SO DELICIOUS. Seriously my favorite thing on the menu, though the husband seems to make it tastier than the wife. Overall a pleasant atmosphere in the place, though there are outside tables if you prefer to dine in the sun. Definitely worth checking out. —

2009-05-05 21:11:14   They serve the best chocolate in Chico! —

2009-05-15 09:56:12   I've had a fantastic coffee experience every time I go there. The owner says that he roasts his own coffees. I believe that being it tastes so fresh. —

2009-06-24 20:36:18   They now carry awesome craft beers and sulfite free local wines! Hooray to them! While other shops are closing around Chico, these guys just keep on getting better!!! —

2009-07-02 13:31:08   Someone keeps removing the link to Moe's to Go on the page. Are we incorrect about that? Chicoans tend to think of places in town in terms of what used to be in a location when a new place opens, so having a link to the former business is generally helpful for people to find newer businesses. Please, before removing the link to Moe's to Go again, can the person doing it please explain why... —StaceyEllis

2009-07-16 16:49:18   Although the location is the same as the former Moe's To Go, it has been completely renovated inside and does not reflect the "atmosphere" that Moe's To Go was known for. Chocolate Mystique Cafe is a jewel compared to the former business. Let people discover what they are all about on their own. They are established and are into their second year according to the owners. It is truly a wonderful and unique experience. —

  • Thanks for the reply! Here are my thoughts: While I recognize that it's a new place, almost every business in Chico that has opened in the last few years has a reference to the place that preceded it (and if it doesn't, we add them as we learn about them). History is important to Chico, and people in Chico often know a location based on previous occupants. No one, for instance, thinks that Crush and Chevy's are interchangeable, but just putting the address doesn't always tell a person where a place is. By referencing the previous occupant, a person gets a sense of the history of how Chico was and can say "Oh yeah, I know where that is because I used to go past there all the time back in the day." The previous occupants of a building have nothing to do with the quality of what is found inside, it just gives a reference of where the place is. Honestly, referencing Moe's to Go makes me realize where this is much more than 788 East Avenue, as I have no idea where the 700 block of East begins and ends. This wiki isn't about just what is in Chico, it's about what was and what will be. —StaceyEllis
  • I have to agree. The wiki is not an advertisement for a business, it is an information page to tell people about the businesses that currently operate in Chico. Because the whole concept of information is knowledge, putting the name of a former business to reference a location is perfectly acceptable and from a marketing standpoint, a smart way to encourage people to visit the store. If you (IP want to announce the changes made since the time of Moes to Go, then either list it in an appropriate way on this page or take out a advertisement in the ER. Unless you can make an extremely compelling argument as to why the name "Moes to Go" should never be included on this page (and you have thus far not) then I think it should stay that way. To end, I will reiterate- this is an INFORMATION website, not an advertising site. —JohnNash

2009-07-22 09:36:03   To add more info to the pile. The locations most previous business after Moe's To Go was Mando's a fast service Mexican Restaurant. —

2009-11-07 17:08:41   I agree!! Their chocolates are incredible! —