801 East Avenue, Suite 2
North Valley Plaza
(530)879-9612 - recording
(530)879-0143 - office
Ticket Prices
Adult Evening $8.00
Adult Fri/Sat after 6pm $8.50
Child $6.00
Senior $6.00
Adult Matinee before 6pm $6.00
First Matinee Showtime Mon thru Fri $5.00
Seniors All Day Monday $5.00
All Day Tuesday (holidays excluded) $6.00
Payment Method
Cash and Credit Cards

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One of only two movie theaters remaining in Chico, Cinemark 14 (also known as "Tinseltown") tends to play the mainstream Hollywood movies (versus The Pageant Theatre, which focuses on smaller, independent and/or foreign films). It is a large multiplex with fourteen screens and several show times throughout the day. Be aware that ticket prices at this theater will vary dramatically depending on the time and day of the movie.

Cinemark used to own the Movies 10, however Tinseltown was created to replace it. Cinemark originally built movie theaters under the name Movies, but replaced them with a new generation of movie theaters under the name Tinseltown which featured decor with stars. Finally, Cinemark phased in their new generation of theaters under the name of Cinemark with retro art deco decor.