421 Main Street
Fourth and Main
Lawrence G. Thompson James A. Murphey Ralph C. Reid

The City Council Chambers is a building in downtown at Fourth and Main. The building is the official location of regular City Council meetings. The building is comprised of three rooms for meetings, one large chamber in the center, with two conference rooms on each side.

Immediately adjacent to it are two buildings each of which has served as the City of Chico administrative offices. Currently under reconstruction at Fifth and Main is the Old Municipal Building originally built in 1911. On the east side of the building is the current Chico Municipal Center.

In the lobby there is a Freedom Shrine created by the Exchange Club comprised of the nation's seminal documents. There are also two benches crafted from wood milled from the Hooker Oak.

The rooms may be reserved by non-profit organizations through the City of Chico.

Affixed to the exterior of the building is a public notice bulletin board. This board will usually have a copy of the agenda of the next City Council meeting as well as a weekly schedule of meetings for the building.

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