Clear Creek at Butte College Clear Creek is a "gaining stream" or a stream that gets its supply of water from an aquifer.

It flows through Butte College, where its Riparian ecosystem is being restored by college staff and the Friends of the Refuge club. Various non-native plants such as the Himalayan Black Berry and Vinca have displaced natives. The Ripirian buffer zone surrounding the stream includes native trees such as the Valley Oak, Live Oak, Blue Oak, Willow, and Ash. Native plants include Humboldt Lily, Mugwort, Soaproot, Peppermint, poison oak, and various sedges.

Since the creek flows through the campus, it is a very important resource for the biology department. Among other things, it is used for studying microorganisms that live in the waters and the insects and animals that rely on it. Botany classes also make full use of the plants that grow around (and in) the creek.

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