The Covered Bridge, photo by RyanMikulovsky The "Covered Bridge","39.728487","-121.703603" (a.k.a. Honey Run Covered Bridge) is a historic bridge that crosses Butte Creek at the intersection of Honey Run Road and Centerville Road. It was designed by S.A. Martindale and was built in the late 1800s to allow access between Butte Creek Canyon and Paradise. It was open to traffic until a car crashed into it in 1965, causing damage to the bridge. An alternative bridge was built upstream for vehicular traffic.

It is known for being the only remaining three-level covered bridge in the nation, as well as one of only a few covered bridges at all. The Colman Museum is responsible for its upkeep, and has a visitor center for those curious to learn more about the history of the bridge and the canyon.

This is a common spot for those who want to take a dip in the creek or take a leisurely tube ride during the heat of summer. To find the bridge, simply take The Skyway towards Paradise and make a left-turn at Honey Run Road (you will see a sign for the bridge and a church at the intersection). There is a $3 day-use fee.