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1400 W. 3rd St.
(530) 893-7000

Located just four blocks from Chico State University, Craig Student Living provides exceptional dormitory and apartment living for Chico State and Butte College Students. With flexible room configurations, large furnished suites with private bathrooms, and incredible dining options, Craig Student Living places the utmost emphasis on value, comfort, and convenience! If you like, we can take the hassle out of finding roommates; our connection-matching is free!

With a structured residence life program, Craig Student Living residents are provided with opportunities that encourage the alignment of academic, social, and personal growth and development goals.

Experience Craig Student Living and discover a load of options, the convenience of 24/7 accessibility and comfort at a more than decent price.



Sparkling poolState of the art fitness centerRenovated interiors


Craig Hall Dining

The Craig Hall Dining Hall provides a vast selection of food to choose from, including a deli, grill, salad bar, and a pizza station. To quench a thirst, choose from many fountain drinks, juices, teas, coffee, and milk. In order to eat all you can at the diner, you redeem only 5 Craig points — so you don't have to leave with an empty stomach!


The C-store located in Craig Hall is a mini mart, or if you have been on CSU Chico campus, it is like Butte or Holt Station. There you can buy drinks, chips, snacks, ice cream, and frozen meals. Also, if you ever get tired of eating at the diner, the C-store will transfer meal points from your Craig card to your Wildcat Card, so you may eat at the Marketplace Cafe at CSU Chico. Furthermore, it is possible to convert Craig Points into Dorm Dollars. Dorm Dollars are money that can be redeemed at various city locations such as Pita Pit, Celestino's, Mr Pickle Sandwich Shop, Kona's, and much more.


2008-08-03 18:18:02   i need opinions on whether or not i should live on campus on Chico, or if i should live in Craig's student living.

anyone care to share their thoughts? —

2008-08-03 18:21:45   wow, really that bad? i heard great reviews of these dorms from former friends or online articles? —

2008-08-08 11:48:51   I lived at Craig hall for a year, and found it very acceptable. The food was pretty good, for dorm food, and you had many choices of things to eat. The location is great, and the cleaning crew kept things tidy. You will meet many lifelong friends there as well. The only problems I ever had was with obnoxious students, but that is to be expected. —

2008-08-25 14:31:07   I need a zip code for chico —

  • For this particular place? 95928, but there are several in Chico, depending on where you are. See Zip Codes for more general information on the topic and which ones are used in which part of town. —StaceyEllis

2008-11-07 16:03:19   Craig's rooms are much larger than on-campus, they provide HOUSEKEEPING services, you have your own bathroom and don't have to share with like 30 people, and there is a bus that takes you to campus! —

2009-05-23 13:50:01   I LOVED Craig Hall. Trust me, the food is NOT bad....waaaaay better than what Whitney Hall calls food. Plus you can use your meal plan at restaurants around town. Also, they have private bathrooms!!! —

  • Note that IP address edited the page four minutes after leaving this comment claiming it was "Updating by Craig Hall Staff" (edit history here) and attempted to delete the negative comments from the page back in November (edit history here), adding the positive review two comments above a few minutes later.

2009-06-02 18:25:34   Can anybody recommend which building's rooms at Craig Hall are the sunniest in the mornings? Also, are first-floor rooms safe for a girl? —

2009-07-22 10:51:10   I always thought Craig Hall was pretty good...I never had problems with staff or A/C or anything like that. Maybe people just mad because of rules? There are a lot of rules, but that's to be expected. —

2009-07-31 22:07:39   I lived here my Freshmen year and had a very reasonable experience. —

2009-12-13 07:49:00   I think Craig Hall is fantastic - Bradley Craig —

2010-05-01 21:01:38   I think peoples experiences with dorm living in general varies...Personally, I lived both on campus dorms and then at Craig and LOVED Craig. There is way more freedom. Someone earlier mentioned some nonsense about there being charges for everything...the only things that I got charged for were things they made clear I would have to pay for before I even moved I'm pretty sure the person who wrote before me is an idiot. There were no surprised nor did I feel like I was getting taken advantage of. Some of my favorite college memories are from my stay at Craig. The RA's were awesome and attentive without getting into my business unnessasarily. All the staff I dealt with were super caring and friendly. I absolutely recommend staying there over campus dorms. Way more room, way more fun things to do and a way better experience for dorms. To each's own... —

2010-08-10 21:16:00   i've only heard good things about craig hall from tons of people who've lived there before. so idk what all these negative nancys are talking about —

2011-01-26 14:57:07   Don't even think about going to Craig hall there are way better places to move into, especially if you are trying to "enjoy" yourself while you are in Chico... I was paying over 700 a month at Craig hall, had to share a one room place with my friend which was shitty and only got 7 meals a week meaning 1 meal a day pretty much compared to 400 for an apartment with my own room, bathroom, kitchen and descent living room... not only that but they tell u what u can and cant do, and you cant have any real guests over either... I got kicked out for no reason really and I was glad I did... bottom line either get an apartment or move into the on campus dorms unless u are a rich kid, who doesn't like to hang out with anyone, is trying to loose some weight by starving cuz the food sucks and is trying to do the whole solo school thing —

2011-02-23 11:30:03   well i think everyone who hates craigs hall is just full of it. yeah they might have rules and what not but really what did u expect? you not going to be able to whatever you want and its not your world so i think that they're a great dormitory and the experience is what you make it. —

2011-03-07 23:29:58   Craig Hall is pretty sweet. You have a lot more freedom to do your own thing in comparison to on-campus. The RA's will still bust your party and confiscate all your alcohol, but at least you wont get kicked out. The dining hall is okay....its open from like 7:00am to 9:00pm, sometimes the food is hit or miss...depending on the evening, I guess. C-Store is expensive, but thats expected considering how convenient it is to buy food there. Housekeeping KICKS ASS - I haven't cleaned my bathroom in almost a year. Rooms are waaay bigger than on-campus and cheaper, too. All my friends from Chico State housing hang out here...its basically what I been told happens to everyone who lives on campus and has friends at Craig. You end up hanging out here vs. anywhere else. If you already signed up or are considering signing up for Craig, I'd go with Craig over on-campus.....esp if you are gonna be in UV...then again, to each is own. Simply put, if you wanna have fun, you'll choose Craig. —

2011-05-02 23:17:56   Craig hall is the worst place i have ever or probably ever will live in my life, the posts above are just the staff trying to get people to come rent from them! This place is gross! This place was built probably in the 1960's and has never been renovated! The staff is lazy and annoying, and good luck trying to sleep during the week! holes in the wall with terrible patch jobs, disgusting carpet, and not to mention you don't get your deposit back when you move out! I would never recommend this place to anyone ever! —

2011-07-28 14:40:19   I am seriously terrified, I'm staying at Craig Hall and after reading all of these comments I am scared. Oh man I hope it's not that bad... —

2011-09-06 14:11:28   I honestly do not understand what everyone is complaining about so much on here. I live in Bradley at craig hall and I have a lot of friends that live in on campus dorms. Our place is SO much nicer than theirs. The A/C works perfectly.. so whoever said that is retarded. Listen to this.. I have a Tahoe room in bradley, which is a 2 person room with a wall splitting us. We have our OWN bathroom, we have 6x6 walk in closets, we each have our own fridge. There is a maid that comes every week. and we pay 4000 dollars LESS a year for all of this. The RA's are amazing and hilarious. I have come back drunk so many times and the RA's just say "I dont care if your drunk just do not be loud there are people sleeping" Its so chill... At orientation an RA was talking about the points system (if you dont know, 10 points and you are kicked out) he said alchohol is 1-9 points and if you get caught smoking weed thats an immediate 10 points. Then he proceded to tell us where the orchard was we could smoke in and not get caught. Everyone complaining on here is legitly stupid. Do not be afraid to live here, it is really nice. Compare it to a lassen, shasta, sutter or whittney dorm. I have a room to myself the size of a 2 person room in lassen. But its actually bigger than lassen because our closets are walk in, while lassen has built out closets (less room for clothes by the way)

Do not be afraid to stay here. It is really an amazing place. —

2012-04-28 13:28:41   Craig hall is shit.. Avoid at all cost... you will have better luck living complete random people than at craig hall... shit shit shit —

2012-05-08 10:33:21   They recently turned the A/C on and now the Craig and Bradley dorms smell like mice/rat piss because they have been living in the vents. Do not choose craig hall to stay. —

2012-08-13 22:03:14   Whats the earliest you can move into Craig hall —