A bicycle-fist used in many Critical Mass promotions Chico's Critical Mass is a monthly meet up and ride for bicyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters and other human powered transport.

Critical Mass rides have been occurring in cities around the world since the event's inception in San Francisco in 1992. There are no leaders or organizers of the ride, and the time and place are the only fixed details. The ride has no set course and is decided on the fly by whoever is at the front of the pack. The purpose of the ride is often to have fun and to demonstrate that cyclists have the same right to the road as anyone else. The amount of people taking part in the ride each month varies from a few to over a hundred. The summer months do not have as many riders with school being out.

The Chico Critical Mass meets on the last Friday of every month in City Plaza park at 5:00pm, and the ride begins at 5:30pm.

Critical Mass beginning at City Plaza. Riding through downtown. Riding through downtown.