With a large student population, there's a unique and vibrant singles scene in Chico. There are a lot of good ideas for dates in Chico once you've found someone.

The Gay Community in Chico, however, isn't vibrant as in cities closer to the coast, but it exists.

This listing should work for those of any life-style.

Local Websites for Singles

National Websites for Singles

Good Dating Etiquette

Follow these useful tips stolen straight from Singles Scene at DavisWiki.

  • Treat people like you would like to be treated. It is the golden rule, and yet people seem to forget it when dating.
  • Be considerate of how others feel and try and empathize with them (that doesn’t mean you have to change how you feel, but show some compassion).
  • If you don’t care about someone, don’t take advantage of the situation. Just because you can use someone doesn’t mean you should.