Disc Golf is a popular outdoor activity in Chico and surrounding areas. As the name implies, it is similar to golf, but is played with "frisbees" and baskets instead of balls and clubs. Disc golfers throw their discs toward a metal basket, keeping score much in the same way as one does in golf, with a low score representing a better played game. Discs can be of various weights, most of which are heavier than a common "frisbee", hence, the term "disc" golf.

The City of Chico has an agreement with Outside Recreation Advocacy, Inc. to maintain the Pereguine Point disc golf site off Hwy. 32. The agreement spells out the terms of maintaining the site, including tournament limits, compliance with environmental mitigation measures, and adherence to Bidwell Park rules and regulations. More information can be found at the City of Chico website, Parks Dept.

Practice disc golf at: