There are two echo chambers in Chico. One is on top of the Roth Planetarium, the other is at the Tri Counties Bank at Fifth and Salem.

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2009-07-19 19:05:37   I'm kind of confused - what is the echo chamber at the Tri Counties Bank? I understand how the dome-top of the planetarium could create an echo chamber, but what about the bank location makes it an echo chamber? —Pietro

2009-07-19 21:01:19   You will see in the concrete where the seams form a "four corners" type of configuration. If you face west and place both of your feet to the east side of the middle of the "four corners", it will echo back at you. —GregBard

2010-06-02 21:02:06   I can confirm the echo chamber at tri counties bank. I've stood there and it works —

2011-04-29 13:38:13   I've done both of the echo chambers in chico, they are not a legend! —

There is another echo chamber in Chico, located in the walkway between Trinity Commons and Trinity Hall!