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What better way to learn your way around Chico than looking at maps? Chico LocalWiki users have created some maps of local interest to help you get your necessary dose of geography and teach you more about the place we call home.

Where in the world is Chico? There are several political maps showing the location of Butte County, surrounding communities, CUSD's boundaries, and more. Ever wonder where downtown parking lots are? There's a map for that too!

If you're nostalgic for history, there are some great aerial images of places in town that have dramatically changed or don't exist anymore such as the North Valley Plaza and Fred Meyer. Surely you've heard of the Missile Silos? Why not check out the aerial image of where they are found?

Maybe bicycling is your thing. If so, check out the maps on Durham Loop, Honey Run Road Loop and Sacramento and Chico River Road Bike Loop for some maps to plot your course.

Perhaps you have map making skills or have always wished you had them. You may want to check out OpenStreetMap and contribute to their openly-editable worldwide map. The Chico area on OSM can definitely use some input!