731 West Fifth Street
Kappa Sigma
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Chico Delta Chi Housing
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North Valley Property Management
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The Fifth Street Rooming House (currently known as the Kappa Sigma House) is a house in the South Campus Neighborhood which was listed in the National Register of Historic Places as contributing to the South Campus Historic District in 1991. For many years, it housed the now-defunct Delta Chi Fraternity. It was remodeled over the summer of 2008. Pedestrians may remember a time when, among other things, large gaps existed under the front doors.

This 2-story "Italianate Box" is typical of early 1870's buildings. The only decorative treatment on the clapboard structure is the use of double brackets under the eaves. There is a low-pitched, hip roof of composition shingles with small pediments in the center edge of each side. The eaves are finished with a boxed cornice and plain frieze. An open veranda with shed roof and plain posts extends across the façade.

By 1902, the building had been divided in two with 2 front doors opening onto separate stairhalls. Originally, there were two single-story rooms at the rear, separated by a center porch and a stairway. The stairs were removed at some point and a second-story room added to the SW corner.

It is thought that this structure was built as a rooming house for people associated with the railroad since it was built c. 1873, within a few years after the railroad arrived in Chico (1870) and is about 1 ½ blocks from the Depot. It was bought in 1906 by Herman Silberstein, a large property owner (see: Silberstein – Park building, Nat. Reg. property), and his son-in-law, William Wise. It was referred to as the "5th St. Rooming House" in Silberstein's wife's will of 1930. It remained in that family until 1947.