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Chico Mall
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(530) 332-9921

Forever 21 bought out the Gottschalks lease and opened their doors to an 800+ crowd on August 15th 2009. Many of the Gottschalks employees were rehired by the company. They also kept the original stained carpets. However they did repaint many of the walls using very bright colors and opened up a great deal of floorspace for merchandise. The store does have a very small mens and plus-size sections. Based on very superficial observations "medium" here is more like a "small" at other department stores in the mall.

The Los Angeles-based company, originally named Fashion 21, is relatively new to the scene as they first opened a store in 1984. They began rapidly expanding in the first decade of 2000. Despite harsh economic times they have continued to do so in 2009 as stores began to close opening new leasing opportunities.1

Forever 21 is said to sell the "latest fashions" and trends at "moderate prices" for women and men. They compete with H&M and GAP2.

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