Park Location

Genetic Resource & Conservation Center

2471 Cramer Lane

<15 Acres
• Creek
• Walking Paths
• Restroom/Outhouse
• Drinking Fountain(s)

The Nature Trail located within the Genetic Research & Conservation Center, or Tree Farm, is a series of walking paths laid out within the Conservation Center designated for public use. The path consists of a loop, the entrance of which is at the western side of the nature trail, and extends eastward on the north side of the grove past the Forest Service facilities and the "bamboo forest" to the eastern side of the Tree Farm and doubles back on the south side. There are a number of pathways that cut through the grove to the other side of the loop, as well as cul-de-sacs featuring private sitting areas.

The nature trail also has a number of benches and picnic tables to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds that accompany the tranquil environment. Dogs are permitted but leash laws must be observed.

Part of the creek area near the Eastern end of the loop.The grove of bamboo trees known as "the bamboo forest".A small pier that juts out into the creek.A bridge that crosses over a seasonal pond area.One of the Forest Service buildings that is part of the office complex.

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