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Gashouse Pizza storefront in Chico on the Esplanade

Former Location
2359 Esplanade
Chico: Daily 11:00am-10:00pm
Durham: Open daily noon to 9:00 pm (530-343-2191)
Names of owners/proprietors here
Payment Method
Cash, Credit, Debit, EBT

Gashouse Pizza used to be a full pizza restaurant in North Chico, which in early 2008 only sold take-and-bake pizzas, then started baking pizzas again a short time later. By 2009 you could get either take-and-bake, or for $2 more, have them bake the pie for you. They offered delivery in Chico and take-out. In addition to pizzas, they sold salads, bread sticks and cookie dough. Drinks were also available, including sodas (in 2-liter bottles) and beer (in individual bottles).

Gashouse accepted all competitors' coupons.

Gashouse was launched in the 1970s in a converted gas station at the corner of 14th St. and Park Ave. (the current location of Nobby's, in front of the old Sicilian Clan restaurant, now Nick's Night Club). Seating was limited, business was booming, and it was not unusual to wait 1-2 hours for a a delicious Gashouse pie.

The business was sold in the early 80s, and soon expanded to multiple locations in Chico, eventually closing the original south Chico store. By the late 1990s, The Esplanade location was the only remaining Gashouse store, where it exists today.

There is another Gashouse location in Durham at the corner of Midway and Durham-Pentz. They are open daily noon to 9:00 pm and also sell pizza by the slice. 530-343-2191

Gashouse was replaced by Shasta Pizza Company in 2009. Then, in early 2010, Gashouse reopened in the same place.

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2009-01-28 22:42:16   I was sooo disappointed when they closed down and turned to take and bake only. That was until I took one of their pizzas home and cooked it. It was hands down the BEST take and bake pizza I have ever had. This place puts Papa Murphy's to shame. And how stoked was I when I saw that they opened up shop in my home town of Durham. You need to give this place a try if you haven't already. —

2009-02-18 16:11:05   Not only does Gashouse have the best take and bake I've ever had, I would go so far as say they're take and bake is better than all the other regular pizza places in town (including what had been my favorite, Left Coast). They are cooking pizzas again in their oven, for an additional price, but I can't imagine it's much better than they're take and bake. —

2009-09-12 14:23:01   Gashouse is no more. This is now called Shasta Pizza Company. —

2009-12-22 20:08:30   Shasta Pizza has already closed and it looks like Gashouse is reopening! —

2009-12-27 11:06:55   Gashouse in Durham is now under new ownership, maintaining Gashouse's excellent recipe and quality. The Durham location sells pizza by the slice Mon-Sat from 12:00pm-3:00pm as well as take-n-bake from 11:30am-8:30pm-7 days a week. 530-343-2191. —

Gashouse in Chico is closed again. The only place left to get a legendary GASHOUSE pizza is in Durham. Call them today at 530-343-2191.

2010-05-09 18:34:45   so the Gashouse on the Esplanade reopened, and has already closed again. The product was always good, but this place should be the poster child for how NOT to run a business. Too bad, I loved their pizzas. —

2011-03-28 17:59:05   the location is now the home of the new Farm Star pizza —