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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Early stage companies, regardless of industry, technology, or market, all share at least one critical attribute – they create jobs. The vast overwhelming majority of net new jobs are created by small, young companies. For over a decade, Golden Capital Network has identified, coached, and showcased more than a thousand investment-grade entrepreneurial companies to our ever-expanding network of advisors, community leaders, business media, and investors.

Locally headquartered high-value employers, the backbone of local and regional economies, face troubling challenges in an uncertain economy. As global financial institutions and major manufacturing industries crumble into insolvency, mid-stage market leading executives must identify effective strategies for growing their revenues, expanding their professional networks, and incorporating emerging tools, technologies, and processes. GCN’s peer-to-peer networking and mentoring programs, coupled with our extensive portfolio of proven best practices, enable base-level employers to seize lucrative opportunities, penetrate new markets, and forge sustaining strategic relationships.