239 West Second St
inside Etta Chiapella Square
M-Th 9am-5:30pm
F 9am-6pm

The Golden One Credit Union is a credit union located in Etta Chiapella Square close to Second and Salem. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that offer the same services as a bank. Every member's funds are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration. Your money is just as safe at a credit union as it is at a bank.

Anyone is eligible to join as long as they are a resident of this county or one of many other counties in California.

The Free Checking Account has no minimum opening balance and no monthly service fee. They also offer a free student checking account. The first box of checks for new checking accounts is free. Online bill payment is also free.

Golden 1 is a member of the Co-Op Network, so members can use Co-Op Network ATMs without paying a fee. You can also make deposits. This network includes the ATMs of practically every single credit union in the country. The Co-Op ATM network has 28,000 ATMs across all 50 states so you can bank nationwide. Bank of America for example only has 18,000 ATMs, and their ATMs are limited to only some states. Golden 1 members can also use ATMs at 7-Eleven stores for free.

Golden 1 is also a member of the CU Service Center network. That means that you can get cash or deposit money in person at any participating credit union branch in this network of over 4,000 credit unions. You can bank in person in any state.

Golden 1 offers mobile banking and has an app for iPhone and iPad users.

You can scan and deposit checks to your account through the internet from any computer with a scanner. This is available to members who have had a checking account for 1 year.

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