There are several places in Chico where there are still hitching posts left from the days when people tied horses to them. See also Carriage mounting stones.


This hitching post is in front of the Copeland Residence. Hitching post on Salem Street. East Fourth Street 3rd and Chestnut Street 14th and Chestnut Street Normal Street Fourteenth Street Fifteenth Street

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2008-11-08 19:20:36   I love these kinds of pages. A showcase of objects in Chico that most probably never think twice about (and never would have guess their function). —RyanMikulovsky

2011-09-25 13:40:50   The photo labelled 'Fourteenth St.' for the hitching post, is actually on fifteenth st. I live there. It's the side of the house at 1518 Broadway, right on fifteenth. My bike is currently locked to that hitching post. —