Map of the Honey Run Road Loop. By Ryan Mikulovsky using QGIS and Inkscape. Data from CASIL, US Census Beureau, USGS, and The City of Chico. Honey Run Road Loop may perhaps be one of the most scenic bike routes. At about 27 miles round trip, it takes riders into Butte Creek Canyon along Butte Creek, past the Covered Bridge, and then up to Paradise following Little Butte Creek and Honey Run Creek. After a short stint in Paradise on the Skyway, riders will enjoy a nice coast down Neal Road and reach its intersection with Highway 99 just after the Neal Road Landfill. Chico Velo says that it is perfectly legal to ride the shoulder of Highway 99 from Neal Road up to the Skyway. Otherwise, carefully cross the highway and begin a quick journey through almond and walnut orchards back into Chico. Remember that the Midway Bike Path will be accessible directly from Neal Road and will continue until East 20th Street.

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2008-09-27 10:43:00   This has got to be my favorite ride in the area! If you're looking to add on a few more miles, at Paradise you can take Pearson Rd. to Clark and ride it down to Durham Pentz Rd to go through the small town of Durham back to Chico. I'll have to snap a picture next time I ride it. —DavidStillman