Playground at Hooker Oak Park

Park Location
1928 Manzanita Avenue
25 acres
• Baseball/softball fields
• Playground equipment
• Nine-hole children's disc golf course
• Barbecues and picnic tables
• Horseshoe pits
• Basketball court
• Restrooms

Hooker Oak Park is located adjacent to Upper Bidwell Park near Five Mile Recreation Area. Big Chico Creek flows through the area. CARD maintains the park, and uses the baseball fields for their sporting events. When not in use by CARD, however, they are open to the public. There are also two playgrounds at Hooker Oak, one much newer, and the older one somewhat recently renovated to fit with today's safety standards for children's playgrounds.

In March 2008, the Sherwood Forest Kids' Disc Golf Course was opened in Hooker Oak Park. It is a nine-hole course designed specifically for children.

The park is named after the Hooker Oak tree, which was thought to be the largest valley oak for a long time. It was only after it fell to the ground in 1977 that it was discovered to actually be two extremely large trees that had grown together. Still, both of these trees were extremely old and impressive. The stump of the tree can still be seen near one of the playgrounds, as the city wanted to commemorate their great oak.

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