Hotel Oaks ca. 1920 (MLSC)

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Former Location
Second and Salem
Former Owners
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Business Lifespan
December 12, 1918 - 19681

The Hotel Oaks was a hotel in the early 20th Century in downtown Chico at the corner of Second and Salem in the present location of the Transit Center. It held its grand opening banquet on December 12, 1918.

The Oaks was a hotspot for locals to socialize, and famous Hollywood stars alike. Olivia de Havilland, Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper and Audie Murphy all frequented the lavish hotel while in Chico. It boasted fancy ballrooms, a cosmopolitan restaurant named The Acorn Room, and the only refrigerated cooling system north of Sacramento.

The Oaks was torn down because two floors were added to the hotel, which became hazardous to the integrity of the building. Rather than spend the money to renovate, the owners found it more cost-effective simply to demolish it.2

The Oaks was a "whites only" establishment.3 It has been said that this policy was directed against the Chinese.


During the early 50's, the Chico Kiwanis Club held their meeting in the Hotel Oaks.

2010-01-09 15:34:51   The Whites only was directed toward the Chinese in Chico. —


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