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Former Location
117 Broadway St. by Thai Basil and Smokin Mo's Barbecue
Former Hours
M-F: 11:30am-3:30pm
Sat: 5-9pm, Sun:1-9pm
Former Phone
(530) 342-1188
Former Owner(s)
Ashley White and Craig White
Business Lifespan
July 2007-August 16, 2008

Vegan raw foods in Chico? Sadly, not anymore. House of Nature's Own, formerly Island Smoothies, was a downtown restaurant offering fresh vegan meals (check for honey?) that haven't been cooked over 116 degrees Fahrenheit. It is claimed that this preserves important enzymes and other nutrients, providing a fresh and healthful alternative to regular fare. This requires massive doses of creativity that melds vast variety of flavorful vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

A letter posted on the former House of Nature's Own door stated that the owners were interested in trying again within a California or Arizona town that has a 'Larger "raw" and "vegetarian" food community.' They provided an e-mail address (see information table) for anyone to request "recipes, whole pies, pates, seasoned nuts, and flat breads."