This page is dedicated to everything that is illegal in Chico. If these could be linked to the correct Chico Municipal Code provision, it would make this page more interesting.

If you know it's illegal then add it to the list:


2008-10-12 23:32:15   They say chicken coops are illegal, but I swear I saw a man chasing a dog chasing a chicken through the avenues a couple months ago! —JanTrepin

2009-05-12 14:59:14   Most of the links leaving the wiki are broken. Ill try to track down the correct link. —JohnNash

2009-05-12 16:28:09   Yeah, the City of Chico redid their website a few months ago. Providing that the municipal code doesn't have some kind of draconian copyright, it'd almost be better to put those sections on the wiki. A quick look for copyrights information on the city website only turned up "All graphics, images and photos on this website are the property of the City of Chico and reproduction without written permission is specifically prohibited." So perhaps text can be reproduced ;-) The Chico ER tends to put most of their articles in to pay-per-view hell after a few months which is why I refuse to link to the ER and so I footnote with just article title, name of journalist, date, and paper name. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-08-05 16:06:23   The "salvaging items from dumpsters and recycling bins" thing certainly is never enforced - how else would the city's homeless population earn anything?? —

2011-01-01 14:01:37   I was specifically told that "salvaging items from dumpsters and recycling bins" was LEGAL when I call CPD this past xmas day when the alley was flooded with people doing this (not the regulars), going all over my and others property. The dispatcher told me to pay attention to my own garbage and not other people's garbage (she was very rude). And then the house next door to me was robbed! So which is it, legal or illegal? I also told the dispatcher about a recycling collector that sits in an alley and reads through every scrap of paper that he has collected in other peoples garbage. Is he possibly getting info for identity theft? Or does he just enjoy sitting for hours reading other people's garbage? —