Ishi (c. 1860 – March 25, 1916) was the pseudonym of the last member of the Yahi people, and as such, the last surviving member of the Yana people. Ishi is believed to be the last Native American in Northern California to have lived the bulk of his life completely outside European American culture. He emerged from the wild near Oroville, leaving his ancestral homeland in the foothills near Lassen Peak.

Ishi means man in the Yahi dialect of Yana; his real name was never known because it was taboo in Yahi society to say one's own name. Since he was the last member of his tribe, his real name died with him.


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2010-11-27 10:48:05   Why would someone be so unrespectful to upload a picture of this nobile person in white's cloths (worn by the ones who killed the member of his family before capturing him? —

2010-11-27 16:33:34   Certainly I am sorry if it has caused any offense. However, I cannot be held responsible for the actions of people almost 100 years ago which the image depicts. It might be equally offensive to someone if an image of Ishi in his traditional grab was posted because it is exploitative. Perhaps someone can provide an image which is not offensive, and replace it. Incidentally, the intention in having an entry for Ishi here is out of respect for him, so I don't think the criticism is a very fair one. —GregBard

2010-11-27 16:38:42   I have replaced the image with one from Wikipedia. —GregBard


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